History of Luz History of Luz

To the west of Luz, there are Megaliths dating back to the Neolythic period. In Espiche an axe from the iron age was found and in Luz there are still The Roman remains of a small aquaduct, a spa and fish salting tanks. The Parish of Luz dates back to the 13th Century. The Church was built in 1521 and The Fortaleza is thought to date back 1575. In 1755 an earthquake and tsunami badly damaged the Church. In the 19th Century, there was a thriving Tuna fishing industry and canning factory (now The Fabrica Restaurant.). Tourism only came to Luz in the late sixties with the building of the The Luz Bay Club followed by The Ocean Club.
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Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Light’) Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz
Contact: 282 789 660

The medieval Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Light’) was built around 1521. It was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1755. It is a Catholic Church but also holds Anglican services in English.
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Roman Aquaduct, Praia da Luz Roman Aquaduct
Rua do Poco

The remnants of a smallRoman Aquaduct can be seen half way down Rua do Poco now set in small landscaped gardens.

The Roman Ruins, Praia da Luz The Roman Ruins
Av dos Pescodores

Tucked away through a small gate in the wall near The Galley Restaurant (on Av dos Pescadores – ‘The Promenade’) is the entrance to important some archaeological discoveries of a Roman spa and fish salting tanks. Entry is Free to the public daily from 10.00 – 17.00.
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The Fortaleza, Praia da Luz The Fortaleza
Rua da Igreja, 3 - below the Church 282 789 926

The Fortaleza is thought to have been built around 1575. The fort was in military use until 1849 and was immensely important to the security of Lagos and the surrounding area. It was auctioned off by the government in 1894 . Nowadays it is a private residence and restaurant with exotic gardens overlooking the sea. It is a great favourite for Weddings and Sunday Jazz buffet lunches.
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Sports Museum, Praia da Luz, Algarve Sport Miniatures Exhibition
Rua Direita, 13 (near The Post Office)

This is a museum of Sports history in miniature. You can see your favorite sports heroes from boxers, baseball and basket ball players, USA football, hockey, racing, rugby, cricket, soccer and many others.  This sports collection is reputedly the largest collection of its kind in the world 
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Buzio Exhibition, Praia da Luz, Algarve The Buzio Collection
on the beach opp The Car Park

Jose Buzio reputedly owns the world’s largest collection of over 8000 miniatures. This exhibition showcases approx 2000 miniatures of racing cars, vintage cars, dragsters, motorbikes, vans, lorries, airplanes and army vehicles. There is also a magnificent collection of miniature boats.
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