One of the great features of the Algarve is that it offers such a variety of pace and experiences.  For a change of pace jump in the car & head to Albufeira.

Albufeira, Nr Praia da LuzAlbufeira is about an hour east of Lagos on the main motorway, built up on a spectacular crescent-shaped seaside cliff. It is made up of three beaches; Pescadores, Peneco (with a lift to beach pictured!) and Inatel. “Praia dos Pescadores” (Fisherman’s beach) at the heart of the town is a famous landmark, as it is surrounded by high cliffs and is shared by both fishermen and sunbathers.

Albufeira, Nr Praia da LuzThis picturesque town of white-washed buildings offers the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist town, with loads of hotel resorts, restaurants and bars. It’s a great spot to meet tourists from all over the world. If you like action and nightlife, Albufeira is for you!  There is a Casino with a disco, restaurant and floor show.

Albufeira, Nr Praia da LuzJust up from the beach is a maze of pedestrian streets that are filled with clothes shops, shoe shops, restaurants, bars and many British-style pubs. As you wander around and get lost in the web of activity you may come across musicians entertaining guests at an outdoor patio, often somebody playing guitar or mandolin.

How to get there –

Go onto the motorway and drive east and take Exit 9 Albufeira.  Albufeira is a large town, with many options to drive into the town from the motorway. The main road from the highway leads you down a hill to a set of lights. Turn left at these lights onto the boulevard which takes you to the east side of town. You will come to a roundabout with a giant Swatch watch. Take your first right at the Swatch and follow this road which continues to veer to the right to the large white Camara Municipal building (City Hall). Turn left and follow this narrow road down the hill to a second roundabout.

Fisherman's Beach Albufeira, Nr Praia da LuzTo Fisherman’s beach lookout: Take your second exit from this 2nd roundabout, go up the hill and you’re there.

To the interior of Albufeira: Take your first exit from this 2nd roundabout and make your way into town.

Driving time from Lagos: 60 min.

** Parking is a challenge at the best of times in Albufeira. It’s easier to park on the road side at the outskirts of town and walk down into town, which only takes about 10 minutes


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