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LUZ – Cliff walk

Make your way up the pathway from Praia da Luz to the trig point at 109 metres. That might be enough walking for some; for the more energetic, a moderate walk of about 3 km eastwards takes you to Porto do Mos beach in Lagos. If you are still up to it, carry on walking for another 5 km or so, all the way to the centre of Lagos via the spectacular headland at Ponta da Piedade. You can get a bus back to Praia da Luz.


The Monchique area is a wonderful place to head for if you enjoy walking and trekking.  The Monchique Bio Park Network has been designed to offer a series of mapped and marked routes that allow you to get out and about in otherwise difficult terrain. It is ideal for walking, cycling and horse-riding. If you are of reasonable health and take some regular exercise, you should be capable of taking on most of the Bio-Park routes. There are small eating places on every route but remember to bring adequate water, sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable footwear.. Some routes pass close to farmhouses; dogs may bark loudly but mainly it is just noise so don’t be alarmed.

Portuguese countryside code: please show respect for the nature, people and places you visit. Do not pick plants, fruit or flowers from the trails. Use rubbish points in public areas and do not leave litter. Don’t light open fires, carefully extinguish any cigarettes and do not leave broken glass or combustible materials around or in open sunlight.

Spanish Border

You should set aside a full day for an action packed trip across the Algarve to the Spanish border and then stop at Tavira on the route back. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to the border from Lagos (on the main motorway). This frontier is separated by the Guidana River with an impressive bridge dividing the two great countries of Portugal and Spain.

About 15 minutes after crossing the Spanish border, you can exit the motorway to visit the port town of Ayamonte. This relaxed little town has endless pedestrian streets with loads of great cafes and shops. These cafes can be found in the heart of town and along the Guidana Riverfront. Spend a couple of hours meandering through the streets and admiring the architecture, the tile and the marble work. Stop and admire the colourful fountains and plazas boasting a multitude of tile combinations.  Plan to arrive no earlier than 10 a.m., when the town really comes alive.  Allow a couple of hours in Ayamonte before heading right back across the border, into Portugal and stop in at Tavira for a late lunch.

Tip: Spain is one hour ahead of Portugal. Remember this as you plan your trip.


BURGAU – Cliff walk

Head west from Luz Church past Ocean Villas along the coastal path. There is a well-trodden path along the cliff-tops which takes you all the way to Burgau.  Takes about 1 hour.


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