Aljezur & West Coast

Aljezur Coast

Aljezur Coast, Nr Praia da LuzFor a day of “getting away from it all”, for endless breaths of fresh Atlantic air, for the feel of ocean mist on your skin, take this excursion up the Aljezur coast. The Aljezur coast takes you north from Sagres along the Atlantic coast. The coastline has endless remote and unspoiled beaches.

Aljezur, Nr Praia da LuzThis ocean current along these beaches is much stronger, so to venture into the sea you must be a strong swimmer. This coastline is popular with surfers from around the world and offers you great entertainment to see the masters at work.

Pack a nice picnic lunch as the touristy beachside restaurants are far from this peaceful and seemingly isolated part of the Algarve.

Aljezur, Nr Praia da LuzA nice route to the Aljezur coast is to drive to Praia da Bordeira (see directions below). From this point you can take the N266 road to head south along the Atlantic coast towards Sagres, or head north towards the town of Aljezur. As you make your way through the countryside, notice the abundance of cork and eucalyptus trees along the road. The windy roads, both paved and dirt, are a bit of an adventure as they take you through some pretty rough terrain.

From here the choice is endless and up to you, as you select the little offshoot to one of the multitude of Aljezur beaches.

Praia da Bordeira, Nr Praia da LuzPraia da Bordeira: This is a favourite beach in the area and is near a “must visit” restaurant.  Sitio do Rio. You once had to walk up the hill and over to the beach, which was a good 10 minute walk. Now, you can drive up the hill to a dirt car park at the top, for some of the most breathtaking views of your holiday. Then make your way down a path to the beach. This is a comfortable walk as the wood walkway is very long and gently sloped.

Notice the abundance of miniature beach flora nestled in the surrounding low-lying greenery along the path. These bursts of colour are a delightful surprise. It’s amazing to think that the delicate flowers survive the coastal weather.

Bring your walking shoes as you can walk forever on this romantic beach.

How to get there –

Allow about 35 mins from Praia da Luz.

Follow the N 125 west. Exit at Vila do Bispo and at the first junction turn right to Aljezur.

Follow road through The National Park past the wind turbines to Carrapateira. Drive through this tiny rural village and just as you leave the village, turn left on a dirt road lined with tall grass on either side. Continue on until you see the restaurant O Sitio do Rio on your right. Drive past the restaurant up the hill to a dirt parking lot overlooking Praia da Bordeira.

The many beautiful beaches in the protected National Park are too numerous to mention but these spectacular beaches stretch for miles with not a villa in sight.

Praia Amado, Nr Praia da Luz Praia Amado:  – the surfers favourite.  Here you can hire a wet suit and a surf board for a whole day including a two hour lesson for 30 – 35 euros.  There are at least three surf schools to chose from. Tel: 964 853 023.     Also a couple of beach bars.

Coming from Vila do Bispo, you need to turn left at a small sign, Praia do Amado, on your left just before the village of Carrapateira.  Follow the winding tarmac track for 1.8 kms and you will come to the car park overlooking Amado beach.


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