Kayak Adventures

Kayak Adventures, Praia da Luz

Kayak Adventures have been running outdoor trips, tours and excursions in Lagos since 2001.  Fun packed hours of adventure, exploration and excitement in and around the magnificent Lagos grottos


Kayak Adventures, Praia da Luz

Trip Duration:             3 hours


Kayak Adventures, Praia da Luz


Life jackets and paddles are supplied along with dry barrels for your snacks, sunscreen and cameras


Kayak Adventures, Praia da LuzExplore the stunning coastline of Lagos leaving from Batata Beach and travelling south following the coastline where you will visit some of the smaller less accessible grottos and caves and get a chance to see the unspoilt areas that some other vessels cannot

Kayak Adventures, Praia da LuzOnce around Ponta da Piedade at the light house visit the infamous pirates caves and the giant blow holes which have been formed over the centuries.  On your way back there will be a stop at one of the smaller beaches where you can snorkel before returning to base – all making for a fun and informative outing

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