We surf pretty much 365 days a year in The Algarve. On the west coast we have the Atlantic rollers and on the south coast we have the more sheltered Algarve. Enjoy lessons at the best surf camps in Europe as you take in the breathtaking beauty of Portugal.

• Surfing 365 days a year
• Spectacular unspoilt beaches
• Experienced instructors
• Prestige licence to surf all the Algarve beaches

Beginners Surf Course
The five day package is ideal for beginners. You can expect to be up on your board within the first day and some of you with snowboarding or skateboarding experience will achieve this within the first hour. You will be taught everything initially in waist deep white water from paddling to standing technique to turning and by day five you will have learnt how to catch your first unbroken waves.

Intermediate Surf Course
Your instructor will help you pick up your skills from where you left off, improve your technique and erase bad habits. Increase your wave count with improved paddling techniques, easier ways to get out back and understand better wave selection.

Surf Guiding for Experienced Surfers
You can rent or bring your own board, grab a ride in the minibus and head for the best waves of the day; we’ll provide a delicious lunch to fuel your surf. Our instructors take you to the best beaches using their experience of the tides, wind, currents and conditions. They offer safety advice about any hazards such as rocks, rip currents, off shore winds etc.  During high season and with less than 4 bookings, the guided tour will go to the same spot as the surf school.

Solo surfers with their own car and surf board
Best advice is to use only the surf beaches that have lifeguards who can give some guidance about any hazards e.g. Praia do Amado. The waves can be awesome so show The Atlantic the respect it deserves and enjoy an epic surf experience!

Our partner surf school has a wide range of surf boards and wetsuits to hire by the day or week. Select your board and pay on arrival.


Praia do Amado is a large west facing beach and one of the Algarve’s most popular surf spots with surf hire shops and a selection of great cafes.

Praia da Bordeira is a vast expansive beach which works well with all swells. Follow the road and you complete the scenic loop from Amado back to Carrapateira. Even for non-surfers this coastal tour has got to be on your ‘bucket list’.

Praia da Cordoama faces west and is a fabulous surf spot surrounded by spectacular cliffs. It is quieter than the popular beaches such as Amado.

Praia do Castelejo faces west. It’s a secluded beach with superb views, great conditions for learning to surf and gets consistent swells all year.

Praia da Ponta Ruiva faces west and is good surfing at all tides. Situated 10km from Sagres, it’s a beautiful secret beach.

Praia da Mareta facing south and Praia do Tonel facing west are the two great surf beaches close to Sagres.

Our favourite surf spots on the South Coast:

Praia do Ingrina is an attractive sandy but narrow beach with a sheltered reef break. Flanked by cliffs either side. Your guide knows the rocks and safe areas to surf.

Praia do Zavial is one of the best known southern Algarve beaches for surfing. West facing Zavial gets the biggest waves on the Algarve. Don’t forget to try the excellent beach restaurant!

Cabanas Velhas is a lovely sandy beach just west of Burgau facing south. It has a mixed beach breaks with reef breaks. It gets the big swells from the West and North.

Praia da Luz is south facing and at the far end near Black Rock you will get the best surfing and clean waves. With fantastic cafés, restaurants and bars all in easy reach, there’s no need for car hire.

Porto do Mos faces south and is more exposed than Luz or Lagos. You can harness the medium to big swells from the West and North direction.

Meia Praia is a 4km beach that sweeps around the Bay of Lagos. With many great surf spots, it works well with both South East wind swells and also with North West to South West swells.