Heather Bain Massage


At home therapy sessions

For individuals or goups, a professional massage and skin therapy service.  Therapeutic bodywork tailored to your individual needs and committed to providing exceptional treatments 

• Therapeutic bodywork
• Tailored treatments
• Pre and post-natal bodywork therapies
• All in the comfort of your own home

About the Service

A professional skin therapy and massage at home service specialising in therapeutic bodywork and committed to providing exceptional treatments all tailored to your individual needs.  

Specialist pre and post-natal therapies plus birth preparation courses

• Therapeutic massage service
• Swedish massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Myofascial release
• Tailored treatments
• Pain relief
• Pre natal therapies
• Post natal therapies
• Skin therapy
• Birth preparation courses
• Appointments vailable 7 days a week
• Large group sessions available