The Roman Ruins


Historians have proved that settlements have existed in Luz for millennia  and from many cultures.  At the end of the 19th century discoveries were made in the Serro Grande which included various funerary tombs with galleries dating back to the Neolithic period. Neolithic implements and artifacts from the Iron Age were found and in Espiche a rock axe was discovered

Roman Ruins, Praia da LuzThe Romans left behind the remnants of a spa and fish salting tanks , which represents one of the more important archaeological discoveries of the modern municipality.  They can be found behind the promenade wall in Luz, half way along the Av dos Pescadores.   A small gate in the wall leads up steps to the remains and is open with free entry to the public from 10.00 to 17.00 daily.

Roman Ruins, Praia da Luz

The Roman ruins are dated 3rd – 5th Century and were discovered and partially excavated by Estacio da Viega in the 19th Century. 

After the excavations the whole area became a vegetable garden.  More recently this area was protected and saved from villa development. 

Roman Ruins, Prai da luz


There are records of groups of (cetareas) used for preparing fish, an aquaduct, mosaic tiles and a bath house.  These were renovated several times and roughly correspond to the present area that has been restored.



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