Pharmacies, doctors and dentists

Medical / Dental

It is recommended that you take out Insurance to cover medical requirements

Private healthcare in Portugal is excellent but expensive

For Health System treatment an EHIC card is required (which can be obtained free of charge over the internet)

Dentists are reasonably priced!

Farmacia da Luz

(+351) 282 789 793
R. Helena do Nascimento Batista

Qualified pharmacists to help you in the most diverse areas: Medicines, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Oral Health, Cosmetics, Nutricosmetics, Weight Loss,  Orthopedics and lots more.  Dispensing chemist also offering health and beauty products and non-prescription items

Worth visiting the Farmacia before you look for a doctor.  They can often help

In the Pharmacy you can also check your biochemical parameters (Total Cholesterol, HDL-Cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glycemia, PSA, Hemoglobin, Glycosylated Hemoglobin), monitor INR and even do urine analysis to screen for urinary infections!


Luzdoc – Serviço Médico Internacional

(+351) 282 780 700 
(+351) 919 869 700 for Emergencies
R. 25 de Abril 12

Luzdoc is a private multi-faceted health care provider to the resident ex-pat, locals, and tourists to the western Algarve offering tailor-made health care through a wide range of 24 hour, 365 day, on-site clinical services

Lagos Private Hospital

(+351) 282 420 400
Av. Dom Sebastião 129, Lagos

Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos for private treatment

Lagos Public Hospital

(+351) 289 770 100
Av. dos Descobrimentos, Lagos

Public hospital with A & E

Farmaviva Parafarmácia

(+351) 282 792 293
Av. dos Pescadores 5-1

Basic ‘over the counter’ medication

Antigen tests on appointment

Health and beauty products

Baby products

On-Site massage and beauty treatments also available


(+351) 282 788 820
R. 25 de Abril 26

Dentist offering a wide range of dental treatments with personalised consultations including digital dental radiology, prosthetics and cosmetic work plus cleaning, implants etc and a dental laboratory