Sky Diving

The ultimate selfie


Tandem Skydive
After an induction, a qualified instructor will take you on a 20 minute flight along the coastline. During the jump from 15.000 ft, you will see as far as the south western tip of Europe, the Cabo de Sao Vicente and to the East deep into Spain.
Low cost tandem skydive – 10.000 ft, 20 seconds freefall with a certificate
Start jump tandem skydive – 12.000 ft, 50 seconds freefall with a certificate
Top experience tandem skydive – 15.000 ft, 70 seconds freefall with a certificate

Free Fall Course
AFF teaches you to fly in freefall with control and stability, maintain height awareness to open your parachute at the correct altitude, and land safely and correctly. After a full day of theory, you can typically complete the course in just a few days carrying out around 2-3 skydives daily. At the end of this course you will be qualified to jump solo.

For the experienced Skydivers
There is diving 365 days a year with special events for wing suit divers, formation and group diving, high altitude and advanced training.

Sky DivingHeightPrice
Tandem Jump10000 ft169
Tandem Jump15000 ft209